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5 reasons why direct mail is not dead: the statistics

In a world where we check our emails and social media profiles as soon as we wake up in the morning, you might think that digital is the only way forward when it comes to your marketing campaign. This simply isn’t true. Direct mail is not dead and has proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy, as well as being complementary to other marketing resources. Here’s why:

1. 82% of direct mail is opened

It’s easy to envision existing or potential clients simply chucking your mail in the bin as soon as they realise it’s a marketing pamphlet. UK statistics have proven that this isn’t the reality, however. The large majority of individuals will open the mail; you just need to make sure it’s attention-grabbing so that they take a good look at it.

2. Over 17 million people shop via mail order

Not everyone is interested in scouring the web for their desired product. There is still a huge customer-base out there who prefer mail order catalogues and the like. If the brand is trusted and the method simple, UK consumers are more than happy to continue with traditional shopping habits, such as ordering from a catalogue.

3. 77% of people like receiving info on special offers and promotions

This is a way in which direct mail can add to a successful branding strategy. Most customers relish receiving mail from a company they trust about upcoming deals and offers. This is what keeps them loyal and encourages greater spending. You could even include vouchers or promotion codes in the correspondence.

4. 96% of direct mail offers an online response

This is indicative of current trends when it comes to direct mailing. Because people do spend a lot of time on the web, it may be easier for them to respond to your campaign via email, for example. Direct mail isn’t dead, it’s simply moving on and developing with the times.

5. Customers believe the information from direct mail is easier to take in than from emails

To give you the actual statistics, 48% of customers believe the information is easier to take in via direct mail as opposed to 20% who think it’s easier via email. This might be a rather surprising statistic to take in. But clearly, as far as customers are concerned, direct mail is the clearer, more enjoyable and more professional option.

As you can see, a large segment of the UK still feel that direct mail is a worthwhile means of receiving information from various companies and brands.

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